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WhiteHat Aviator is a simple yet secure web browser based on Chromium
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WhiteHat Aviator is a simple, neat and handy web browser based on the popular open source Chromium engine that also powers the more famous Google Chrome. Therefore WhiteHat Aviator retains all the advantages that made Chrome the most used web browser in the world, but it also adds its own benefits to the list. WhiteHat Aviator specializes in safeguarding your privacy and protecting your online identity while surfing the web. It’s not only just as good as the famous Google Chrome, but also even better, as it packs additional security features.

The most remarkable of these additional security and protection features and functions that this browser provides are a “sandbox” that checks and filters the data communicated between your computer and external websites, and the capability of blocking advertisements by default, including the ones that might be dangerous for your data (the so-called “malvertisements”). It also changes the default search engine to one that doesn’t store a history of your searches. An extension to quickly change the “user-agent” setting of the browser is also installed by default.

Other than the aforementioned security features, WhiteHat Aviator offers all the features any respectable browser should have, including support for extensions, a download manager, a developer’s console, and so on.

In conclusion, WhiteHat Aviator is a great choice for your web browser, as it packs all the advantages offered by the Chromium engine and it also brings additional data protection functions.

Margie Smeer
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  • Based on the Chromium engine
  • Comes with additional security features
  • Integrates a search engine specialized in protecting your privacy


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